About Nihon Monitor

Company Name
Nihon Monitor co.,LTD
1-7-3 hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013 Japan
Description of Business
Media Monitoring
August 1964
Number of Employees

Nihon-monitor is not only Japan’s oldest media monitoring company, but also its most trusted one. Nihon-monitor was established in 1964, the year in which television made huge inroads in Japan due to the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. At a time when video decks were rare, Nihon-monitor reported to its advertising agency clients whether their television commercial broadcast schedules were being met. Nihon-monitor has been performing this service now for over forty years.

During this time we have built a reputation as a provider of detailed accurate broadcast reports tailored to our clients’ needs. This trust in our work has helped us to expand our roster of clients to include commercial production companies, program production companies, broadcasters, publishing companies, PR agents, corporate PR divisions and political parties, in addition to advertising agencies.

Nihon-monitor now provides television commercial monitoring, television news monitoring, logo and signboard exposure reports and product placement evaluations. Should you require searches to be performed on specific advertisements or topics broadcast in Japan, your first point of contact should be Nihon-monitor. Nihon-monitor can provide you with highly reliable search results.

Our Service

TV advertising monitoring

As soon as a new commercial is launched, Nihon-monitor registers that commercial in all its databases, making it searchable. Retrievable keywords include company name, product name, product category, cast, filming method, and other visual images. This allows companies to confirm not only their own ads, but also their competitors’ ads, as soon as they air. Nihon-monitor can deliver these commercials to you in your requested forma

News monitoring

A vital component of corporate PR strategy is knowing exactly what is being said in the news programs about both your own company and about your competitors. Nihon-monitor indexes and registers all news broadcasts on television in its databases. This enables us to retrieve information on the amount of time, for example, that has been allocated to certain issues on television. Searches can be performed for industry category, company name, event name, commentator name, and so forth. Nihon-monitor can report such information about news to you in your requested format.

Exposure research

Nihon-monitor has performed numerous surveys on sponsors of both domestic and global sporting events. Along with logo and signboard exposure, Nihon-monitor can respond to a variety of customer needs, including reports on the hypothetical placing of logos on specific persons and signboards. One area of growth is in product placement within television programs, such as TV dramas. Nihon-monitor can measure and provide reports on the exposure time of a particular item during a wide range of media.